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Professional Curtain System Install in Edmonton

Maverick Trailer Repair Inc. is an authorized installer of load covering solutions systems. Imagine your trailer conveniently covered with a tarp, or a curtain, which can be quickly moved out of the way allowing for ease of loading and unloading your cargo.

We have you covered! 

Whatever your load covering needs are, Maverick Trailer Repair Inc. has you covered! Our Curtain system installation services are available for truck body, flatbed, and drop decks applications.

Why use a Curtain System? If you need weather protection of a van, side and rear access like a flatbed and minimum maintenance costs, then curtain systems are unbeatable!

Contact us to tell us about your curtain system installation project! If you are interested in having a curtain system installed or just have a question, contact us today to learn how we can help.

Curtain System Installation Edmonton

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