Auto-greaser Installation Service

Professional Auto-Greaser Install in Edmonton

Did you know improper greasing is a major cause of equipment downtime? Here at Maverick Trailer Repair Inc., our experts ensure our job is done right and in a timely manner. Avoid costly maintenance bills by having our team install your auto-greaser.

Avoid costly dowtime and repairs! 

Improper lubrication of your truck, trailer, and equipment can cause bearing failure which can lead to unnecessary repair and maintenance costs. By adding an automatic greasing system to your truck, trailer, and equipment, all greasing points will be lubricated simultaneously with the proper amount when necessary without you having to even think about it!

Direct costs from inadequate greasing include: labor and parts for bearing replacements, lost on-road time, impacted customer service, and truck rental costs.

If you are interested in our Lubecore auto-greaser installation services, contact us to schedule a free estimate! Maverik Trailer Repair Inc. is authorized dealer and installer of lubecore auto greasing systems and parts in Edmonton, Alberta.

Lubecore auto greaser edmonton

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